Sheyna F.

Being and staying motivated

After a year of being a stay at home mom, my daughter started pre-K. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I felt so mentally weak. The previous year I got denied entrance to the graduate program I just knew I was destined for. My dad relapsed for the 8th time. I found myself 33 and so down. I knew as a Christian mother, I had to be the best me for my kid, my husband, and my family. I prayed, help me Lord, and I heard him say exercise. I was also diagnosed with PMDD. I refused meds for it, why? Simple, the doctor said most women cure this with exercise and that is something at 33-years old that I had not made important since high school competition cheer. 

So, one day I dropped my daughter off at school and cried myself to Chick-fil-A. I looked up in front of me. Orangetheory stared back at me. I remembered their grand opening. I could recall that heart tug to sign up then. My favorite color was orange, but exercise seemed intimidating. So, I pulled out of the drive through and walked in. Greeted by two angels, Tania and Haley. They said try a class right now, and I did! I’ve been a member since. 

It wasn’t about weight to me, and good thing because I gained 5 lbs., but I am more pleased with my physique than ever.

"I love being sore. I love being motivated. I love that hour." 

I tell everyone I know, it’s important to me. I tried the gym next door once because it was cheaper, and boy did I go running back to OTF with a great full heart. It is literally everything I could ask for from a fitness establishment. God bless you all.